In Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard, the orphan Emma is taking her long lost identical twin, Sutton's, place. She got a message from Sutton, after seeing a video online of her getting strangled in a video online, and was asked to visit her in Arizona. She soon finds out that her sister was killed, and the killer leaves a note saying that if Emma tells anyone, she will be killed too. Now Emma is trying to find out who the killer is and has some suspicions of these two girls that always try to tag along with Emma and Sutton's friends, Lili and Gabby. When she is taking Sutton's place, only one person knows her true identity, Ethan. He is helping her find who the killer is. Along the way, she gets clues about what she thinks is referring to the murder and it unsurfaced parts of Sutton's past.

The climax in the story when Emma thinks she finds out who the killer is, and is terrified to be near them for fear they will kill her too. Also, she finds out some bad things about her sister and hopes they aren't true. The falling action is when Emma finds out that the person who she thought was the killer ends up not being it. She is relieved but terrified because the killer is still out there, but it just isn't who she thinks. Now that Emma can finally relax around her friends and welcome Lili and Gabby to her group is comforting for her but unfortunately the killer still remains out in the open.